Why Market Research

It is usually said that if marketing would be a train, then market research would be the locomotive. In other words, market research should ideally be the starting point of any marketing exercise. Conducting any marketing exercise - be it related to pricing, promotion or distribution of a product or service, without researching the potential market is as sensible as setting out to sell sand in the Sahara Desert.
Market research provides the answers to all the questions that generally occupy the minds of marketers, at every stage of the marketing process.

  • Will there be a demand for my product or service?
  • What should be the ideal price of my offering - one that ensures that I earn the maximum profit?
  • Should I place my product only in urban markets or distribute even in the rural areas?
  • What should be the preferable media to promote my offering?
  • Would it be better if I replaced the pale green packets with bright yellow ones?
  • Is the fourfold growth in my sales figures a consequence of our latest television commercial?
  • How satisfied are our customers with the after sales services we provide?
  • What image comes to the minds of consumers when they hear our company's name?