About us

SFS is a full service market research agency. Started as an Market based research company, we have been adding both traditional and innovative methods of collecting consumer data since the day we started. Though we started in Mumbai, today our presence is Pan India, with extensive experience in conducting various research projects.

SFS has a competitive advantage regarding quantitative surveys conducted. We can reach your customers quickly and cost-effectively. SFS also conducts research using more traditional methodologies, such as telephone, face-to-face and postal surveys.

SFS is also a raising its bar in conducting qualitative research, both online and in the real world. Our moderators have good experience, and our tools are the newest and most effective. SFS is improving everyday with innovative market research tools.

SFS’s specialised areas are consumer markets, industrial marketing, business to business marketing, social marketing and rural marketing. We have a highly efficient and motivated team and we believe that we can deliver better than the best in the industry.