Welcome to Sharp field Services

The battle of the brands is reaching a climax. With globalisation becoming a reality and the world becoming a level playing field, corporations in India and abroad are gearing up to serve the global consumer. Multinational corporations are making a beeline for India and Indian firms are gearing up to go out and meet the challenge, with one intent - to establish their brands. With the market bursting at its seams, an acute need is being felt for effective brand marketing strategy. To cater to this demand, SFS had come into existence almost a decade ago.

The first strategic brand marketing consultancy in India, SFS is the catalyst that helps corporations grow and put their mark on the market. The complexities of the marketplace are SFS’s greatest challenges and to meet them, SFS offers its exclusive services. SFS has a head office in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.  SFS is fully equipped in terms of information technology to guide on all aspects of brand building, whether it is advertising or public relations, market or media research.